Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Cohorts

Let's make some introductions, shall we?

There are specific reasons why I have selected the people and places I have.

Grant in Hawaii. Grant is better known to me as "Dad," and his recent return to the Big Island of Hawaii proved quite convenient for me. I was born in Kona and like to think that my early exposure to the sun (spending most days in just a diaper and baby-size rhinestone earrings) conditioned my skin to tan easily and burn rarely.

Peter and Helen in New Zealand.
Peter and I spent part of our childhood years together in Auckland, New Zealand, and since then he has met a lovely girl named Helen and gotten married. My family moved away from New Zealand when I was eight years old, and though I lost my tinge of a Kiwi accent, my love of vegemite, pavlova, and New Year's Eve in midsummer has not waivered.

Kris in Washington. Kris is my aunt, and she lives in Seattle. She's going to take a trip up to Bellingham (a two hour drive north) to take these pictures, and I'm glad to include her in this wandering film saga. Apart from being family, we share a sweet bond over coffee, baking, photography, and our Norwegian blood.

About Bellingham: It was my next home after Hawaii and New Zealand (with Wisconsin and Lynnwood, Washington, briefly squeezed in there too). After four years had come and gone in Bellingham, I remember wondering if we were going to pick up and move again because I didn't know what it looked like to stay in one spot for an extended amount of time. Now I'm very grateful for the ten years spent there. They spoiled me, really, being cozily tucked between the Cascade Mountains and Puget Sound and within reach of good espresso.

So, these are the people I'll be talking about and uttering endless thank you's to throughout this blog.

Thank you!

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