Sunday, February 15, 2009

More Than Just Alright

Before I get started with my day, I have to sit down here briefly and show you some of my pictures from my trial roll. Out of the 24 developed, only 6 or so were keepers (i.e. the kind that get me really excited about this project).

I got some great lighting in the four below that makes me wonder if the combination of indoor and outdoor do this. If I were already planning on putting together a series, these four would be it. For more, go take a look at my flickr site.

I'm breathing a sigh of relief as I realize this might work out more than just alright.



Scan1 1

Scan1 4


  1. I see traces of me in one of your photos. This makes my heart ever so happy. Love you. So much!

  2. Yes, Lauren, most of these were shot the during and around our last weekend together in Denton. Your picture/card remains on my fridge. I think and pray for you often. Love.