Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Here and Over There

Oh, it's hard to be at this end and let my little project run, but it's also a lot of fun knowing a roll has already been shot on the beautiful (big) island of Hawaii.

At this point I'm still doing some trial runs with rolls loaded and reloaded into my own camera, so it turns out I do have some work to do on this end too.

Just tonight I finished a quadruple exposure on a roll. I broke the whole thing down to 8 double exposed, 8 triple, and 8 quadruple. I probably lost a picture or two at the beginning while cautiously rewinding it just enough to have an end still hanging out to reload. In fact, I stopped by the photo center at the grocery store today to have that little tail pulled back out of the roll so I could continue.

I haven't figured out a sure way to know when to open the back of the camera up, but fortunately this was easy enough. I may have the others rewind the roll entirely and have a "professional" extract the end so that as few images as possible are lost.

So where is the film today?

Well, my father purchased two rolls of (400 ASA speed, 24 exposure, color) film in Hawaii and is hopefully going to mail them off to New Zealand in the next day or two. (I know it's going to be soon because he is moving back to the mainland tonight!)

My roll will be developed by tomorrow, and I'll share the results as soon as I have time.


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