Saturday, April 18, 2009

Wanderlust Finds Rest

I wrote my last post with so much excitement and anticipation and then just let it drop. I'm truly sorry. Those emotions and more were true, and they continued to play through me over the next week as I got to open up a padded manila envelope full of film and applicable notes and then load each roll into my camera, shoot over it, and send it to the photo center while anxiously drumming my fingertips against the closest surface.

I received one roll that had been shot on in Hawaii, New Zealand, and Seattle. The other three were single-exposed rolls that I turned into interplays between me and each individual person. (I almost used the word "conversation" here, but "interplay" seems to work a lot better. If this process were to be simulated into a conversation it would be unpredictable and inconsiderate as voices continually overlapped each other. I'm glad these photos didn't take on such an abrasive attitude.)

Here are a couple results between my dad in Hawaii, my friends in New Zealand, my aunt in Seattle, and me in Texas:

These are between Hawaii and Texas:

New Zealand and Texas:

Seattle and Texas:

There are many more results on Flickr, if you are interested.